Project Management and Execution

We help you to plan and use the most efficient way resources, meeting deadlines, costs and quality within the processes of your business and closely following the implementation of improvement strategies of the established projects.

Entrepreneurial and Business Strategic Planning

If your business is looking for an improvement and requires of a reloaded plan and objectives, we help you re-define and precisely fix the objectives, create new policies, procedures and methods to achieve them walking you through out the development and growth of it.

Information Technology Strategic Planning

Information technologies are very important today, they are a part of the business strategies and help complementing it as long as they are aligned with the objectives and processes of the business. This is why we help your business and technology go hand in hand.

Process Mapping and Priorization

We help you identify the key processes of your organization in order to understand them, organize them and giving them priorities in order for them to be optimized and allow the creation of a project portfolio. This will make your business rocket to success.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Time is the most valuable asset for all, the less time it takes to make, the better. IndiGO helps you to go over your previous processes in order to control the sequence of your operations without the constant intervention of the human factor.

Shared Services Center Design

the availability of the services in a business is vital for the normal functioning of it. As we know, things don’t work to perfection all the time. The shared services design prevents these kind of interruptions, making sure that the different levels of service do what they are supposed to and also to create a better relationship between the support and the internal customer of the organization.

Alignment of the Organization

In the organization, there are different functional areas which have to work towards achieving a common goal. We help you, if this is not how your business is going, to make all of your functional areas within the organization to be aligned and looking towards the common goal.

Development of Continuity Plans

We help you to create a contingency plan with the goal of maintaining the functionality of the organization up to an acceptable minimum during an emergency, guiding you and walking together in every step of the development of the aforementioned.

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Impact Analysis on Applications (AIA)
  • Risk analysis (RA)
  • Design of Recovery Strategies